Do you know where you want to be? Who you want to be?

I read and hear that many say that the journey is more important over the destination. I disagree.

How do I know if the journey is getting me to where I want to be if I have not set the destination. As with anything in life, to reach a destination you need a path –  a route, a plan. Without it, how do you know where you are going?

I wrote in my last post, direction, that sometimes you don’t get to where you wanted to be. And that is ok. Remember you can change your path, your route, your plan. You just got to keep your destination in mind.

I have my destination in mind. And it is my aim in life to get there. I don’t have a timescale, I don’t know how long it will take. But everything I do is with that destination in mind.

Not everything that I have done so far has edged me closer. Some things made me feel like I was going in the wrong direction. But at the same time, nothing has been a failure. Nothing will stop me and I will get there.

Decide where you want to be. Choose your destination and start out on that route. It’s never too late.

This life is not for regrets. 

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