Over the last 6 or 7 weeks, I have had a few people tell me something that I never thought I would hear. I never thought I would be this to anyone.

I have always looked to others, read their story, watched their videos, read their books, followed them – because they inspire me.

Whether you want to become a better person. Start out. Try. Change. Do. Or even achieve. It doesn’t matter. Look and you will find someone that has done it. Is doing it. Has thoughts and advice. Someone that helps. They inspire.

They inspire because they put out for all to see what they have done or are doing. They tell the world their story, their thoughts, and advice. Without this, they couldn’t inspire. No one would know.

Now what I got told was that I inspired people.

What?!?! I inspire you??

And from those that I gained inspiration from!

That is one of the greatest things to ever hear, that I inspire.

When I took a step back and wondered how I inspired, it  was because I put out to the world what I was doing or had done. I shared my thoughts. I gave advice and help where I could. Just the same what I looked for in others.

The reason for this post was not about me. It’s what I want you to do.

What I want for you to do is firstly share what you are doing, have done, your thoughts and give help and advice where you can. You will inspire someone out there. And trust me it is a great feeling to know that you inspire.

Secondly, if someone inspires you, let them know.

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